Aquabuy Brine Shrimp Eggs for 500mL of water -10 packs - Pre-Measured easy to use

Brine Shrimp Eggs for 500mL of water -10  packs - Pre-Measured easy to use
Product Brine Shrimp Eggs for 500mL of water -10 packs - Pre-Measured easy to use
Brand Aquabuy
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Product Number AQ-PME-10
Manufacturer's Number AQ-PME-10
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You are buying -
Ten packets of brine shrimp eggs pre-measured
for 500mL of water.

These eggs are premium quality, sourced from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, America.

Our pre-measured brine shrimp egg packs contain the perfect amount of eggs to get your hatch up and running quickly.
Skip the fiddly measuring and start hatching straight away.

Our pre-measured brine shrimp eggs are packed in
to protect them from moisture and ensure you get quality eggs.
We do not use plastic zip lock food bags for the eggs as they DO NOT protect the eggs properly and may allow moisture into the eggs due to poor sealing.

Not all eggs (Brine Shrimp eggs) are the same quality.

Some sellers label them as 90% which may equal what another company lists as 75% hatch rate.

The true measure of the quality is the nauplii (babies) per gram (NPG) count and not just a hatch rate.

Our NPG count is as follows;
Guaranteed Analysis
Protein 60%
Fat 24%
Ash 4.4%
Moisture 8.5%
Hatch Rate NPG Availability
75% 220,000 None
80% 225,000 None
85% 240,000 None
90% 250,000 Available now

This makes it very easy to hatch your own brine shrimp.
Just add 12grams of marine salt to 500mL of water and bubble air through the water
until the salt is dissolved - then add the eggs.

Keep the water temperature at around 26C to 28C and add
a little bicarbonate of soda if your PH is low
(recommended is about a PH8 to PH9 usually dark blue or dark green in most test kits)
Perfect for beginners and fish keepers who have never experienced live food or brine shrimp.

Aquabuy Online.

The pre-measured brine shrimp package you are bidding on contains

  • Ten bags of pre measured Brine shrimp eggs eggs for 500ml of water
  • Test Tube and Pippette
  • PH Test papers
  • A brine shrimp hatching and growing manual is provided with the brine shrimp

About Brine Shrimp

  • Brine shrimp are a nutritious and easy to raise food for tropical fish, marine fish, corals and marine life.
  • Newly hatched brine shrimp are excellent for fry (baby fish).
  • Brine shrimp are also good for picky eaters who only take live food
  • Brine shrimp are perfect

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Brine shrimp is a genus of aquatic crustaceans with the scientific name of "Artemia"

and with common names of Sea-Monkeys, Aqua-Dragons or Sea Dragons

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